Waste and Water Tanks



Y Valve

Valve for direction of waste overboard/holding tank

Water Intake

Inlet for the fresh water holding tank

Deck Ladders

Ladders for the sun deck to the bridge

Diesel Inlet

Diesel fuel fill port

Sump Pump

Main drainage pump for shower and sinks

Shower Diverter

4″ Faucet with Shower Diverter

Hot Water Line

Red flexible line for hot water

Cold Water Line

Blue flexible line for cold water

Water and Waste Hose

Hose for fresh water and waste

Hard Wall Hose

Flexible Rub Rail

Rub rail for swim decks

Gas Inlet

Gas fill port

Vent Cover for Steps


Manufactured Fiberglass


Fully assembled flybridge

Swim Deck

Replacement swim deck (14′ & 16′)

Manufactured Aluminum

Swim Deck Brace


Exhaust Components

Generator Exhaust Outlet

Exhaust Port with Flaps

Replacement port for exhaust out

Bilge Pump

Float Switch

On/Off switch for bilge pump

Underwater Gear


Bronze props of various sizes


Shaft Struts



Throttle and Shift Cable

Various sizes